Guys. Halloween is 27 days away. Seriously. This is crazy. I’ve been waiting for this forever. Seriously. Ohmygoshthisissocrazy. Seriously.

I’m in college. Halloween is less than a month away. It also falls on a Friday. And I also have the most intense costume ever.

Of course, two things to keep in mind. A) I won’t drink, or smoke, or probably party. But I am in college, I have a car, candy is probably my best friend, and I have the creativity of a five year old, the energy of an eight year old, the body of an eighteen year old, and the total devotion to this of a married, committed twenty-five year old. Gosh, this is gonna be a good year. I might even attend a completely sober college halloween party. Or attend a college halloween party, and just stay completely sober. Anyways, it’s impossible to do anything crazy in my costume, anyway. Besides simply that, my costume is too cool, and to play the character, I’m going to have to stay sober. But enough about my seriousness on my own personal sobriety…

Guys, my costume is amazing. And no one really know what it is, except me. I won’t tell yet, although I will give a hint: it’s a guy, and he’s getting a movie in the not-too-distant future.

Okay, that’s probably it.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my friend Rebecca, and her putting up with me today.



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