The Society of Jesus has had some truly amazing members.

The person who first put for the hypothesis and mathematical proof for the Big Bang was a Belgian Jesuit, Georges Lemaître. (Jesuits, by the way, are members of the Society of Jesus, which is the official name for the order.)

There’s also Pedro Arrupe, who led the first rescue party after the first atomic bomb drop in Hiroshima. (He later went on to become the 28th Superior General, or highest ranking member, and the person in charge, of the Jesuits.)

The great poet of the English language, Gerard Manley Hopkins, was also a Jesuit.

Jesuits have been saints, missionaries, architects, college professors, musicians, chemists, physicists, authors, poets, and many, many other things.

Another famous Jorge, known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was appointed to an important role in the church.

Yeah, he’s the pope.

Jesuits are cool.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Fr. Fernando. He’s a Jesuit, and he’s really cool.



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