The Cray

Today I got to get a copy of my summer reading, The Shame of the Nation, signed by Jonathan Kozol, the author of the book. Of course, the copy isn’t mine but one that was lent to me. Tomorrow, I intend to deliver the book, with the signature, back to its original owner.

The book is about the educational inequalities present in today’s school systems, specifically dealing with issues of racial resegregation, and a sort of apartheid present the education system.

So, of course, I loved it, although I found a few problems with the book. More than anything, it’s not a book for people who don’t already feel some sort of call to help. I mean, it doesn’t call new people to help in this problem, only really adding to the fire of those who already feel called to act.

I still love the book though. It’s a really good book.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Jonathan Kozol. Thank you for coming to talk to us. Also, thank you for signing the book!



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