Spotify and Radio

Hey guys, I’ve just joined Spotify again. My radio station job is made so much easier when I can make playlists of literally any songs I can imagine (from Spotify’s servers, and then my own iTunes library), and it just so easy to organize my shows exactly how I want.

Also, yeah, I’m doing a show tomorrow, at 5 pm, until about 6 pm, all Mountain Time, of course. To listen to my stream, and the radio station in general, check out THIS LINK.


So, yeah, just go to the website, and click the “Listen Now” link. It downloads as a readable radio station by iTunes, Window’s Media Player, or VLC player, although it definitely prefers iTunes.

Check me out, if you have the chance.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my friend Natalie who will be helping me with my show tomorrow.

Thank you.



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