I Can Lift a Car Up (All By Myself)

Sometimes, you just feel kinda lonely. Even on the good days, you might feel sad, disconnected, slightly alone, aloof, un-belonging, and on the not-so-good days, unwanted. I’m not saying today’s a not-so-good day, but I am saying that I seriously a little alone right now. But being alone is okay. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself that you can do the craziest, most spontaneous, most amazing feats all by yourself. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself that you can lift a car up, all by yourself.

So, for the days like that, listen to this song. It’s honest, that if you miss someone, you will hear and see them everywhere, but eventually, you can move on. To be alone, and to be okay with being alone, is a true gift from God. It is in isolation that our hearts are made more willing, more eager, and more able to love. We must rejoice in this loneliness. It might hurt to feel alone from somebody, but that’s okay. To be able to love, we must experience loneliness and pain. I pray that this loneliness I feel may make me better able to love, as well.

But, because we must also know that, although loneliness gives us the grace to love, we are also worthy of love, and this life that we are given. Or, even if we are unworthy, we have it anyway, and so must we must use it. I feel unworthy of life, right now, but I have it. I won’t let my life go to waste, because although I don’t feel worthy of it, I have been blessed with it anyway. So I will take this loneliness and pain, and grow in it. And until I am given a better chance to love, I will lift up this car, all by myself.

Also, I visited my old High School today. It was interesting to see people. As much as this might detract from the above, I needed to see some old faces that I’ve missed, and remember that I’m also missed. It’s just… it was a good reminder that I have done at least some good in my life. I’m grateful for those people.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the people who remind me that I am capable of at least some good, even when I’m not the greatest I can be. Thank you, for reminding me that maybe, just maybe, my life is worth it.



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