Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month….

Yo, what’s up.

I guess that’s an introduction…

So, it’s Latino/Hispanic Heritage month, and that leaves me a bit conflicted…

I’m happy to see that my culture is being celebrated, but my culture, nor any culture, is simply some sort of “flavor of the week” type crap. My culture is my culture. My culture is a part of what makes me… well, me. It’s not something I do as a hobbie, it’s a hugely important part of who I am. I live my culture every day. It lives in my values, and my being, and the way that I talk, and walk, and simply am.

Anyway’s, the link below is what some other people from my culture think about our culture.

#WhatLatinoMeansToMe (Buzzfeed)

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my people.

Thank you.



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