The Thomgs (I Meant to Spell “Things,” But Misspelled it, and Don’t Feel like Erasing It Now)

So, this weekend has been crazy.

Friday I had an interview for a job at the campus radio station, and I found out today that I did really well at said interview. After the interview, Brielle and I celebrated our (essentially) 11 month anniversary a day early.

On Saturday (yesterday), I went to Boulder with my roommate and a friend, and we visited friend Kate, and Gustavo. It was very eventful, and I got a beanie with dinosaurs on it (or dragons, depending on whether or not you believe it’s fire next to said dinosaur/dragons).

Today I rode the bus and went to a rockies game and the rockies won and then I rode the bus back and ate dinner by myself and then played frisbee with my roommate and then we watched Anchorman.

Sorry, that last (run-on) sentence was very stream-of-conscious.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my RA. He’s Cool.

Okay, not that kind of cool, buts still.


P.S. Those shirts are still available 🙂


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