The College Experiment and Sacrifice

I have been in college for a week and already discovered something some people will only discover in a lifetime of searching (possibly).

I have been hard at work, doing homework, keeping up with classes, learning, reading, and enjoying the academic aspect of college life. I’m here on (mostly) scholarship. This entire experience is bigger than me. I need to work hard and sacrifice and do what is meant for me academically.

But non of this is purely academic. If it were, then our format for the college experiment would have failed by now. Part of this is also living experiences we might only have once, and using them to grow in character, as people. I want to show that I’ve grown as a person, by the end of this.

So sometimes, I might not stay in and do homework. I probably won’t go to parties, or be super crazy, and I will more than likely still do my homework. I’m here on scholarship, there is no room to mess this up, this privilege I’ve been given. But I might put off the little bit of homework I have left until later in the night, so I can go on a walk with friends, or I might order a pizza, and use that as an excuse to make friends, and take a break, or I might simply go out of my way to meet someone, or help someone, even if that won’t benefit me.

See, life is so much more than just sacrificing for academic/personal/work success. It’s about making connections, and relationships, and making memories, and being people with and for each other. I’m here, in school, to become a teacher. I intend to make having relationships, and being with and for other people the purpose of my life. That brings me joy. And I know that the reward in living a life in service to others is so great, in the end. So if I sacrifice a little in order to do that how I can here in my college experiment as well, then so be it.

I know that I still need to work my butt off to get that degree, but who says I can’t also have a little fun. Which is why I’m going to a concert on Thursday night. Of course, I’m already doing my homework for Friday night. Thank goodness for syllabi.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Blackjack’s pizza. They have seriously good pizza.



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