Stuff I Actually Need Right Now

So, realizing that I’m still awake at 11:30, on a Friday night, alone, in the common area of my dorm floor, managing to not do anything with my life, I have been thinking about the things I actually need right now.

I mean, ME sent me a pretty killer care package, with a lot of food, and origami paper, and even a game, I realized that I still need some pretty basic stuff for my room. Like paper towels. Those would be nice. Oh, and paper plates. And even some toilet paper (not the sandpaper that they have in the stalls in the communal bathrooms here).

But I really do appreciate the care package. I think these extra things are just things I need to get at Walmart this weekend. I don’t know. Food is nice. I mean, food is amazing, in every way, shape, and form. But other stuff is still somehow important.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for ME. She’s just really cool, and seriously didn’t need to send me a care package. Although she’s the coolest for having done it anyway.



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