Finally, School…

So, now that I think about it, tomorrow is finally my first day of school. This is weird. I’m in school again. But it’s not High School. It’s College. I don’t have a dress code. I have girls in my classes again. Instead of just two of my classes being taught by PhDs, all of my classes are taught by PhDs. This is so weird. I’m living where I’m learning. Life is pushing me along quite rapidly.

I just hope I am ready. I pray that I’m truly ready for this. I’m grateful, because I know this experience is a privilege. I also know that, after all of this, there really is no turning back. But that’s fine. I intend to start off strong. Time to bring all of this on.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for all of those who have helped give me this opportunity. I’m truly so grateful to be where I am. I know that, although I may forget, I am representing you, and my parents, and my values, and finally myself. This is not simply for me. I hope to be a true man with and for others. Thank you, for allowing me to know what that means, and to try and be that.



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