So, I’m cool now. I’m in college. I’m moved in. I have an ID. I have a mini fridge full of food and drinks (mostly Powerade and apple soda, besides my random water bottle). I have a record player set up, and my full speaker system set up, a printer set up, and my tv set up as a second monitor, on top of another tv my roommate brought, and a keurig he also brought. We still have video games to set up, but you know, that’ll happen sooner, as opposed to later.

I don’t have home  sickness, really, but I haven’t had a solid, “home,” for the last few years. So, I might really just not feel like home here, as opposed to homesickness. Either way, I’m not feeling it yet.

Everyone’s nice so far. I also got to meet Brer Rabbit, a member of one of my favorite local artists, the Flobots today. I gave him my business card. He told me he’d contact me. I’m hoping he does soon.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the cool people I’ve met so far, and the people who’ve been with me through this all so far.



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