Last Night of Break

Summer vacation is officially over for me, ladies and gentlemen. Please know that I am freaking out, but that’s normal. I’m basically packed for college, and actually looking forward to it.

I have packed so much stuff, but I hope that it’s enough. I also hope it’s not too much. (Nobody wants to be THAT Freshman.)

I have so much on my mind, but mostly how grateful I am right now. Also, how I’m freaking out. But mostly how I’m grateful.

That being said, moving in tomorrow won’t be a lot of fun. It doesn’t help that my parents won’t be helping me, although that only makes moving harder, not any less fun.

Anyways, here is video:

(via the AV Club)

Also, here’s a cool story about a different angle to what’s going on in Ferguson, right now. Also, pray for them.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my roommate, who will be helping me move in tomorrow (hopefully), seeing as I helped him move in yesterday.



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