I Still Don’t Even Know

Man, I’m honestly so scarred to start college, right now. I mean, I move in like 90 hours (in hour days, I’ll already BE there), in a week I’ll be gearing up for the first day of classes, and in about a month I’ll have some sort of a rhythm going.

This feels so weird.

Honestly, nothing anybody has told me about anything has really calmed me down. It hasn’t really even hit me that I’m a College student. Seriously, I was really excited about a year ago, but it feels like I’m just not ready for it, even though I thought I’ve been ready for it for the longest time.

I guess you never really know.

I think packing tomorrow, and doing my car oil change, and then possibly packing some more, and the necessary crying will help me calm down.

But you never really know. I might actually feel worse.

Today’s Daily gratitude is for still being alive. I guess none of us are grateful for that, enough. Also, for everyone getting ready for school to start soon, or who have already started school, this post is for you. I know Brielle (and the rest of my old High School) start tomorrow. Man, that’s also crazy. But I guess that’s a post for another time.



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