Instant Coffee

Okay. So, for all of you coffee drinkers, I apologize. My one secret is that I am actually a big fan of instant coffee. I know, you all hate me now, but I actually really like it. See, I grew up drinking instant coffee, since I was like eight, and so it always reminds me of my childhood. I remember waking up super early for school, and my mom brewing a cup of instant coffee for my dad, and my dad letting me take sips, and eventually, my mom brewing me a cup as well.

I say this because I realize that although my roommate has a coffee maker, and we’ll end up making lots of good coffee, and good tea, and my getting lots of cups from the coffee shop on campus, as well, I will never stop coming home, and drinking a cup of instant coffee with my parents.

I think I might bring a jar of instant coffee to school with me. I might not even use any of it. But I know that I will hold it as dear as the photos of my family, and all the other things that keep me from home-sickness.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for all who have given me my own coffee mugs, from which I can drink life’s brew. I mean this in both a literal and metaphorical means. You figure out what that actually means.



One thought on “Instant Coffee

  1. I allow myself two cups of coffee maximum a day. Strong cups, 12 ounces of folgers brewed strong with a shot of expresso in it. I used to guzzle something which I called, ” toxic sludge” which was not made for humans. Mania anyone?

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