So, just a quick little intro. My mom spent the night in the hospital last night. Yes, don’t worry, she’s doing a lot better, and I seriously don’t want to focus on that. I am saying that so people understand why I didn’t post last night. It was… hectic, to say the least. But things are a lot better right now.

Anyways, because of my want for my mom to feel better, I’ve decided to pray the rosary for her healing as a novena. Okay, I know that last sentence was very, very Catholic of me. Bare with me for a sec.

A rosary is a long prayer, consisting of meditations on different miracles, and also on short, repetitive prayers. A better outline of what the rosary actually is can be found here.

A novena is simply a prayer that is repeated for nine days, symbolic of the number of days that Mary and the apostles waited between Pentecost Thursday and Holy Saturday. Basically, there are specific prayers to certain saints that are repeated once every day for nine days. Usually, it’s to ask for a specific grace, and the prayers that are said are usually either long or short,as they vary. Here is also a better understanding of the novena.

I’m praying the rosary as a novena for my mother, with the special intention that she heals completely and feels better soon. Also, I don’t have an actual rosary besides one that’s in my car, so I’m using a nifty little app on my phone that tracks the beads/prayer that I’m on, as well as telling me what the specific prayer is, in case I forget/don’t actually know it.

Please don’t pick on me for being a little Catholic nerd boy. Please.

Actually, if you’re Catholic (and according to this website, you don’t have to be Catholic, but still probably Christian…) and wish to join me in my praying this special rosary for the next nine (I guess now it’s eight, though…) days, that would be amazing. Thank you so, so much.

I’m also praying another novena, but that one’s a secret. But, I do have nine days left until I go off to college, so…

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the doctors who helped my mom, and for my friend Zech, who I ran into yesterday. Thank you, so much , Zech.



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