And Then the Packing Begins…

I officially started packing for college today. I bought some school supply stuff that I needed, and so I got to cross things off of the “Buy” list, and also began packing things I owned, so I could cross things off of the ” Pack” list.

I have an entire box full of just books, mostly books I haven’t read, or at least larger collections (including one anthology) that I haven’t finished. I also have one Big box of all my school supply stuff, and another box, a bit smaller, of video games/movies/controllers/etc.

I’ve also devoted a corner of my bedroom at my parents house to these boxes, and one bag containing my speaker system. But, seeing as how much is currently left to pack, I don’t think one corner will suffice for very long. Either way, it’s still a week and a half away, so I have time to reorganize and pack all the stuff that’s left.

I also still have some stuff left to buy. But, in time, I’ll be completely packed and ready to be on my way. Which is great, because neither of my parents can actually help me move in on move-in day. They’re both busy, but really that’s okay. I’ll be able to handle it, I think.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for all of the people who looked at me funny when I had my “COLLEGE” t-shirt on, and was buying super cheap school supplies with all of the grade-schoolers at Wal-mart. They are all people. Thank you, people.



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