Steps Closer (And Kindness)

Man, the anticipation is killing me.

I did a bunch of college related stuff today. I was productive, in finding my books for school at different places online, and then finding where I could get each one for the cheapest. I’m going to wait just another few days before I buy them, for…reasons.

I also looked up stuff about college, and packing, and all of that jazz on reddit, and then just google searches, and stuff. Man, this is going to be weird.

I did also ask Mrs. Wuertz, my choir teacher from this last year, over Facebook for any advice she had for a “scared, naive, young soul before he starts packing for college.” Her advice was pretty awesome.

It read,

“Ooooooo!!! YES!

Kindness. Kindness. Kindness. Remember that everyone you meet is slaying his or her own dragon of some kind. Always approach with kindness.

Another thing: it is impossible to be both curious and judgmental at the same time. Set your default to curious and try your best to get to know people. They’re usually worth it. And keep God at the center of what you do and who you strive to be.”

(Don’t worry, she gave me permission to post what she told me!)

I feel that among figuring out what to pack, and what to take, among all of the paperwork, and teacher/class/parking/packing/fitting-in anxiety I’ve been experiencing, this is what I needed most. I needed to be reminded to be human, and that other people are also human. Everyone is human, and we need to remember to treat each other as the lovely, complex, interesting, funny, smart,thoughtful humans we are. Judgement should be reserved for Judges (and God). We, on the other hand, should remember the humanity in others. To be kind, and to be curious, are often times the best way for us to be loving to what are often total strangers.

It’s important to remain grounded when things might start to feel very not-grounded.

Thank you, Mrs. Wuertz. My daily gratitude is for you. Thank you.



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