Establishing a Calendar

Well, I just went ahead and added all of my classes for this semester to Google Calendar. That was fun…

Anyways, I think today, after getting to see a lot of my friends, even if it was for one last time (because let’s be completely honest, there might be some of those people there, at Friend Kate’s Grad party, that I might not ever see again), I feel better. Granted, I will make a point to see at least a few of those people again soon. Life just has slowed down enough that I think I can do that.

I think I feel better, more prepared, and more excited for college. Which is a good sign. But after seeing all of the books that I need to buy for school, maybe I’m not ready? I don’t know. I just know it’s a lot of books. Granted, I’m a Music education major, so a lot of the books are theory books, with additional music, but it’s still a lot of literature. Time to start “college reading.”

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the Volleyball that allowed me to not suck at Volleyball.



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