So, as Wikipedia describes the word “Hella,” it can be used to intensify any part of speech. So it is a flexible, multi-purposed word that really only does one thing, but does that one thing in a variety of ways.

As Wikipedia further puts it:

“That pizza was hella good: hella modifies the adjective good, where Standard American English would use very.

I ate hella pizza: hella modifies the noun pizza, replacing a lot of.

I hella bought four pizzas: hella modifies the verb to buy, replacing really or totally.

I ran hella quick to the pizza joint: hella modifies the adverb quick, replacing very.”


It’s use can be diverse, but it’s meaning is pretty simple. That’s what I want to be. I want to be simple, and understandable. I want to only really do one thing, but in a super flexible, multi-faceted way that can be applied to almost any situation. I just want to be Jorge. I want to be Hella.

[So I totally didn’t just order like 500 business cards with the word “Hella.” on them in large font, along with my name, phone number, email, twitter handles, and link to the blog, as well as a Jay-Z quote on the back. No. That’s not a thing that I would do. That is the least of the things that I would do.]

Anyways, yeah. Hella.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the internet connection that hasn’t (yet) failed me today.




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