Openness and Being Done

So, I guess things are over. What things? Well, a lot of things. I’m finally done living in the area in which I’ve lived for the last two years, and I also no longer have anything else over at that “other house” anymore. Everything is back at my parents’ house, and it will be until I move into my dorm room in college.

I also probably won’t see my girlfriend again for possibly… a month? Or something? That’s really interesting. I guess I hadn’t given that too much thought either.

Anyways, maybe it’s for the better? Maybe I need this time alone. Truly alone. To be with just myself and to feel myself better. Or maybe there won’t be a whole lot of alone time when I’m going to Nebraska.

Also, I’m going to Nebraska in a few days. That’ll be fun. I might get to post, I also might not. I’ll be sure to inform when exactly I’m leaving, but I get back Friday, August 1st.

That’ll be fun.

So, there’s this buzzfeed article about the plight of being the youngest sibling. It is too accurate.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my boss who gave me a shot to leave work like 15 minutes early, to get a head-start on my drive back to my parents’ house.



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