Getting ready for School?

Everyday I realize more and more that I guess I’m really going off to college. And so I do more and more research about little things. I search for what I’ll need for my dorm, or the people I am going to be going to school with, or the information about classes, and books (which I still don’t have much info on…), or what life is like on campus. I’m always searching. So, today, I stumbled upon this gem released not too long ago:

Also, what would happen if we judged schools based on the quality of their Harlem Shakes video? Well, how would you judge Regis U?

So, some awesome stuff happened recently on the Colbert Report…


Anyways, today has been a somewhat long day. And if I don’t go to sleep soon, it’ll just be longer.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the memories I’ve made. I look at the walls around me, all bare, and omni-colored. It seems so bare. As if everything I’ve done in the last two years has been for nothing. But I know it’s not. The impact of the last two years really isn’t anything external. I’m as short as I’ve always been. I remained about as dark as I’ll always be. Truly, even my beard isn’t all that much more impressive. But now, I understand. My life is mine, but it’s not for me. It’s for others. Everything I do is for others. And some people will come and go. In fact, there’s only three people in my life who have remained in my life after 18 years, and have never ceased to be there. The purpose never is to have a tangible, lasting object, regardless. The purpose is to leave something, though not necessarily tangible, in the hearts of others. And not simply a few. I hope to leave something in the hearts of as many people as possible. I will not die at peace knowing that there are still people out there for me to meet, and hopefully leave something. And it still tears me apart that some of my encounters with people have left me with more than them. But I only can hope that they too gained something from me.

As St. Peter Faber put it, “Take care, take care, never to close your heart to anyone.”

Thank you.



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