Pack/Unpack (The Move-out)

So, today I packed my life into a little red Honda, and drove. I just… I just drove. I guess I drove home. But what is home? Is that where my parents are? Is that where I was raised, and lived for most of my life up until this point? But why does it not feel like “home”? Why doesn’t anything quite feel like “home,” anymore?

My old High School. My old High School felt like home. It kept me as a son, and helped me grow. It challenged me, and pushed me, and nurtured me, when it felt like anywhere else would’ve just left me to fend for myself. But now I’m graduated. And while that place was a home, it’s not anymore. It will welcome me back, I know, but only as a visitor.

And now, sitting in my old room, at my parents’ house, I know that even here, all I really am is a visitor. But I guess that’s good. My heart is yearning for a place to call home. And now I shall go to seek it. I shall go find the place where I belong. That is my purpose.

So, t-shirts. Sales have gone up, thanks to my friend Dillon. You know, the one that blogs?

Yeah, so, he got a shirt. All the other cool kids have also gotten shirts. But we’re still only 1/6th of the way there.


They make awesome gifts, for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, funerals, bar/bat mitzvahs, random encounters at the supermarket, arbor day, and even just because. Really, they’re for any occasion, and even none at all!

Also, my friend Ian wrote a book. (Here’s a link to that, which is a book, written by my friend who’s actually still in High School, and got published, and is on Amazon.)

He also started a blog. (Here’s the link to the blog, written by my friend, who who wrote a book. even though he’s still in High School, and had this book published, and is currently on sale at Amazon.)

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the person who will be my roommate.  He also possibly discovered the blog, today. So that’s fun.



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