Arturo the Depressed Polar Bear

So, as I recall things I’ve done in my life, one thing I’ve been thinking about lately was the Build a Bear bear I made for Christmas, this last Christmas. He was a fluffy, small, light tan bear, named Arturo. Far from being ferocious, he was a cuddle buddy I made for a good friend of mine. (By which I mean Brielle. If you don’t get what’s going on there, worry Not about it. 🙂 )

Anyways, I named him Arturo because it’s kind of a family name, and also, Arturo comes from the Welsh, meaning Bear-Warrior. (Like Arthur, as in King Arthur. It’s the Spanish version of Arthur.) So, it fit a lot of little things, and I like multiple meanings, especially in names.

So, it made me really sad when I found out about Arturo, the last Polar Bear in Argentina, and his depression.

It appears as though there are a few other out there who are trying to also help Arturo, in whatever way possible. This specific blog has links to lots of petitions that can be signed, and other ways to possibly help with what is going on.

There is also a Facebook Page.

Honestly, this might be one of the most meaningful causes to me, and I can’t really get over the fact that it’s simply by the coincidence of a name. Or maybe it is more than that. We’ve all been demoralized in some way, at some time. We’ve all fallen. And at some point, we’ve all gotten back up, either by the help of other, being our friends, families, coworkers, etc., or by something giving us a change that was much needed. In this moment, Arturo the Polar Bear needs us, complete strangers from a different species, to help him be healthier and feel better. As citizens of earth, it is our job to help in whatever way we can.

Only we can help put some fighting spirit back into the bear warrior.

In other news, the Daily Jorge Tees have sold 4 out of at least 30 needed to ship the order. Please help! They’re awesome looking shirts, and you can preorder them in the next two weeks, and they’ll arrive in about three, looking super spiffy and will be helping make my own dream a come true.

The link to those shirt is here.

Here’s also a video of Victor Wooten doing his thing:

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for whoever pre-ordered the 4th shirt. Although, I honestly think it was longtime fan of the blog, my friend Jack! He did tweet and post some stuff on Facebook about it. So, thank you Jack, if it was you!



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