T-Shirt Updates!

Okay, so, this whole T-shirt thing has been a tiny bit exhausting.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, CLICK ON THE CAPITAL LETTERS THAT ARE HERE RIGHT NOW.

But, after frustratingly not being able to see the shirt design, there is finally a shirt design that is visible on the site.

So, please check it out. It’s cool, comes in a ton of colors and sizes. And it helps for paying for “thedailyjorge.com” as a URL. So, please, help me out here!

In case you want to see what the shirt design looks like, I present it to you.




In case you also wanted to see the back (which is equally as cool if you know how much this project means to me), here it is:


Please support. It really means a lot.

Anyways, yeah.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for gas, for getting me places, and not running out on me. At least, not yet. Also, for my “weekend,” for being during the week.



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