Feeling Blue

Okay, like I always do when I miss a post (or two), this first part of the post will be an apology. Or rather, I guess it’s an explanation. I decided I was going to take the 4th of July off. I made that decision considering that I also had worked one of the hardest days of the year at work that day, on my first actual day of work. It was tough, but I got through it, and without any major hiccups.

I didn’t post yesterday just kind of because.

Um… Yeah. And now I’m feeling kinda blue. I feel pretty out of place, right now. I mean, in the world. I feel like I try really hard in a lot of my relationships, ams then it goes to nothing pretty quickly, if I stop trying.

There’s good friends I haven’t spent any time with lately, who I feel I should, but haven’t. There’s also people I’ve been spending lots of time with, but when I honestly can’t, or something gets in between us, everything just falls apart.

I feel the need to remember the little things. But how often are the little things noticed? I guess not as often as they are forgotten.

Like today, this man turned in a phone he found at my work, that someone else had lost. He didn’t need to. Honestly, he could’ve wiped the phone (which isn’t that hard, considering it was an android phone), and kept our sold it. But instead, he turned it in, in the hopes that it’d get back to it’d rightful owner. That’s truly refreshing. I hope and wish that only good things come to the person who turned in the phone.

Today’s daily gratitude is Derek and his parents. They are a light in my life. Also, to the man who found that phone and turned it in.



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