Familia: Being There

So, I didn’t post last night (big shocker to anyone that actually regularly checks this blog). Well, just a quick update, my mother and my brother left for Mexico early this morning (it’s a long drive…), and so I spent as much time as I could with them last night. Interesting stuff, right? Well, I just want to enjoy being with them, okay? Is there something wrong with that (asks the boy, defensively)?

Also, my dad is now alone, so I spent the day hanging out with him, except for this morning when I went to go get him enough Breakfast burritos to last him for the week (because he’s never in the mood to make breakfast).

So, yeah.

It’s important to be there for family, yo. Both your given one, and the one you make for yourself.

Also, here are Denver facts!


Number 36 is amazing, and I didn’t know that specific fact, but honestly, if you live in/near Denver, and don’t know about the DCPA and how utterly amazing it is, you should feel ashamed of yourself. They also have a really awesome coffee shop on the complex. Truly fantastic coffee and tea.

Okay, this post has gotten really random.

Now, here’s a blog to follow. My friend Dillon is posting cool stuff now, about his life and experiences. If you enjoy bacon, complaining, and lots of personal information, you should check it out.

On a serious note though, he’s actually really funny and has a lot to say. Check it out!!!

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant, for having really, really good, really really cheap Breakfast Burritos!



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