Some Nights.

Today is a day. Or was. It’s night now. Anyway, I’m at my friend Dillon’s house. That’s fun. We both have to wake up early-ish to work on Saturday. That’s always fun.

Anyways, reflecting on how little I’ve been actually writing lately, it makes me realize that I have not been saying a lot lately. So, let me say some things?

Uh, I had a… moment, on Wednesday. Basically, I read every little note, or full letter, birthday, graduation, and simply card from the last two years. And then I had a realization. This realization isn’t something to share online. But I feel that I haven been changed for this realization. And I hope that to some extent, this blog is shaped by it.

Okay. So, today I have an awesome burger dinner, did a late-night trip to Home Depot for Firewood, and then s’mores. Now, it’s popcorn, and Mexican Cola’s. It’s awesome, to say the least.

So, Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the fellow alumni of my high school who let me watch the second half of the Colombia/Honduras World Cup game.



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