It’s Starting to Hit Me…

I’m an adult. And the more I think about that, the more it’s true. I don’t have a legal curfew anymore. I can make decisions on my own. Like I can Actually make decisions about myself without my parents’ consent (but that’s scary, so I’m gonna keep asking them stuff).

This is really, really weird. I almost went to see a movie with my friend, and then I realized it would be really late, and I don’t want to be driving, and get pulled over after curfew. Except, I no longer have a curfew… So I could’ve gone. We didn’t, because he was tied up with other stuff. Which is okay. Movies are available even at home!

So, yeah. Also, I bought a lotto ticket on my birthday (I sadly wasn’t asked for an I.D….), and I heck the numbers today. I didn’t get a single one of the numbers… Which is very funny to me. I think that is exactly my luck.

But my family members were generous with graduation money. So, there’s that. Haha. I still get some amount of money, which to me is like winning the lottery. And to have the amazing people in my life which I do, and do the amazing things I have gotten to do? That is truly just… blessed. I am so incredibly blessed.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my family, for coming to visit us. And for everyone who’s wished me a happy birthday, and congratulated me on graduating High School.



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