Hours to go…

Seriously, I am within hours of being 18 years old. That’s quite honestly the weirdest thing ever to me, right now. How is it possible that for all of my life until now, I hadn’t really known what it meant to be an adult, And now I am basically that?

How is it possible that I am almost an adult? An adult capable of serving in the armed forces, buying cigars and lotto tickets, registering to vote (and eventually voting), getting married, serving on Jury duty, and making plenty of life choices without my parents’ consent (although I intend to get it anyway until I get a handle on this whole, “adult” thing).

Currently, I find myself packing all of my stuff. I guess I’m leaving my parents’ house early tomorrow, but my mom will already be at work, so I’ll only see my dad. Still, I’m glad they’re here for me. I’ll call my mom and let her know I’m grateful for having been my mom. And I’ll tell my dad in person. Seriously, I know it’s my own Birthday, but I’m grateful for my parents for having raised me, and made sure I got to the age of 18. I’m also grateful for my brother, for having helped make me the man I am today.

I’m grateful to friends and family, for always being there, and to those who have had an especially important role in getting me where I am, and making sure I have done as much as I have in these short 18 years.

It’s so weird to think that this is basically the end of anything close to my childhood.

Now is life.



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