Things are strange, in this world. Everyone is crazy. People don’t really understand, well, people. Things happen, and out of the spontaneousness of the void occurs our daily lives, which we try out of some necessity to have planned out, controlled, and calculated, in an attempt to say that we overcame the chaos. But that chaos is. And it will be. The most that we have any control over are ourselves. All we can control are our own emotions, thoughts, and actions (for the most part). We have possible influence on the world around us, but besides knowing that we might cause things to possibly go how we want, if we’re lucky (on a good day), we only control ourselves.

Happiness is random, to some extent. But it is also internal. It is something that we actively choose to be, unless we are lucky enough that that is simply how we can react to the world around us because the world around us is acting in favorable circumstances, conductive to our happiness.

Today I was lucky enough to be in the situation that the world around me was acting in favorable circumstances, conductive to my happiness. And hopefully, the happiness of those around me. It’s been a weird day. But I wouldn’t trade it. I’m so grateful for everything. I think I’m especially grateful for the craziness.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Brielle. She’s a lot of the reason for my happiness, in this current moment. And although I try to be happy as much as possible, she makes so easy to be happy with just everything going on right now.

Thank you.



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