Front Porch

So, I went to my old High School’s graduation today. Honestly, I had a lot of realizations about that, today, during the ceremony. I mean, I’m glad I left. And I don’t mean that with any disrespect to the graduates, but I’m glad that I left. My comfort zones were something I was pushed out of, in leaving, and I’ve seriously grown so much. Now, looking back at what I’ve done, I see so much change in myself from who I was when I left my last school, to where I am now, having just graduated from this school.

But, that might be a post for another day.


I went to see one of my best friends give the Valedictorian speech (because, you know, he was Valedictorian…). And then his family (and girlfriend) and I went to eat. And then I drove back home.

But, by the time I’d gotten home, my own parents, who had been working, got back to the house, left, and locked all of the doors. They assumed I had a key. I did not.

And, as I didn’t want to bug them, I didn’t call them. I also didn’t want to waste gas, so I didn’t  go anywhere. I just kinda… hung out. On our front porch.

For three hours.

Which, actually, was kinda fun. I got to hang out outside, enjoy the place where we live, out in the country, and do some praying, some thinking, and a bit of soul searching.

In all honesty, Today’s Daily Gratitude is for that time I spent outside of my house, just kinda on our porch.

My parents came home and they were confused, but that’s okay. I’m grateful for them too.

Well, that’s today’s story.



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