My Way Back Home

I am done with High School.


I am also not done. It is a memory. I cannot forget the people who have helped shape me. I cannot forget the late nights, and homework assignments I never thought I would finish (some of which I never did finish).

Every cup of coffee, ever peanut butter and jelly sandwich consumed, every free pizza slice eaten, and tie worn for mass, or a performance, or other formal event. Every hug from a friend, handshake from an adult or “brother,” every curse word said in pain, or frustration, or simply out of being a teenager. Ever ride from a parent, late night walk home, and night spent talking to someone special.

All of these things will forever be in my  memory. They are my High School experience. And to some extent, they are my home.

And although a part of this “home” will always be lost, it will at least be lost to nostalgia, and learning, and growing. I’ve lost who I am. But that’s okay. Because I will continue to be different. But even in that, there’s this strange continuity. I will never be complete; I will always be this incomplete Jorge. And that’s okay. I intend to grow, to not take a step backwards in my life. But if I end up at a place I was before, it will still be progress. I will have returned, I know, for a reason. I will be a different Jorge than I was when I first encountered this. But I will, to some extent, still be the same Jorge. I will still be pursuing love, and growth, and God. I will hope to leave with more than I came with, and to leave behind something positive, which was not there before.

I will, then, not forget where I come from, and who I am, and who I’ve been. I will remember. I will not forget my way back home.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the band Dawes, for capturing, to some extent, how I feel. Thank you.



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