All Things End

I felt it.

I felt the rain slowly pour over me as I looked behind me on my last day of classes. Everything was… eerily familiar.

Gosh, I feel like I wrote something fantastic about this time last year, about the seniors leaving. But it wasn’t here in the blog. It was on a piece of paper, in a notebook, on yellow, lined paper.  I wrote about the Seniors who left before me. I wrote about what they meant to me, and how my life at that point would be weird. I would be expected to step up, and to be something I didn’t know if I was ready to be. I remember also somewhat going through a break-up at that point, and being absolutely crushed by that.  And it was rough, not only going through that emotionally, but then realizing that a lot of my friends, my mentors, the people I know I could talk to if I needed help, were leaving.

And then, after the seniors had done their annual slip-n-slide, and I had just gotten done talking with one of my friends who was graduating, after that, and his last day of classes, I  remember looking North. It was a bit cold that day, and it had been really cloudy. Then, after the Seniors had finished, there was a light rain. I remember, the grey skies, above me, and behind me, and myself, looking down at the concrete below me, and feeling like my life was just like the eerie, grey skies. And then I looked up. North, towards the school, I saw it. I saw how clear the skies were, and how far the  sun had shone.

I realize that the skies above me and behind me might be grey, but that which was before me was clear. I realized then, in that moment, that I just had to keep moving, to make it through that, and I would see the clear skies I had always wanted.

And I felt it. I felt the knowledge that, regardless of what was to happen, it would all be okay.

I felt it, just like I did today. And as I felt the rain lightly pass over me, and felt the grey skies, above and behind me, I knew that everything would be okay. Because the skies clear ahead of me were blue, bright, and sunny. My future is good. I might be going through times of trouble, emotionally, at the thought of leaving, and also with more complexities of different relationships, but I know that if I keep moving, I will make it to those clear blue skies.

I know not everything will always be perfect, but if I keep moving, I will eventually find myself beyond these grey skies.

My Daily Gratitude is for Mr. Pantoja. For always believing in me. And for letting me know that. Thank you.



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