The Beginning of the End

Today was the first day of my last High School finals week. It’s officially senior finals time. And I’m scared. Somewhat. And excited. Somewhat. But not nervous. Which is weird, as a performer I pride myself on my nervousness, because it’s that nervous-excitment that flows through me and carries me through my performances. But this is one performance I don’t feel that with. I don’t feel nervous. So, hopefully I can find myself still in this place, carried along this stage my sheer talent and grace. But, you know, there’s that chance I’m just gonna need a bunch of caffeine.

Also, sorry about not posting last night. It was Mother’s Day, though, and so I spent as much time with my parents as possible. I did get a little distracted though, and I’m sorry.

Anyways, to distract from all of this, here’s a video of a comedian complete destroying the notion of reverse racism:

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for those who carry on the legacy of those before them. I hope to have left a legacy worth carrying on.



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