Here’s a thing…

It’s an instrumental jazz piece I composed, and arranged with the help of a few friends. I was playing piano, by the way. I don’t play piano.

It’s entitled Capstone. It was recorded by my teacher. It was my actual Capstone project. I also talked for about 15 minutes about it, explaining it in detail, but only the song itself was recorded.

So, there’s that.

And I have one full week of school left.

I am freaking out a little bit on the outside. But that’s fine. Just… gonna make it through.

Anyways, here’s a 14/15 year old girl to prove I know nothing about the guitar.

Here’s the original song.

And here’s two more videos…

Dream Theater – The Best of Times – Tina S Cover:

Van Halen – Eruption Guitar Cover

Anyway’s today’s daily gratitude is for the things that keep me humble. Like 14 year old guitarists who are better than I could hope to be.



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