I’ve been thinking a lot about what people leave behind when they leave. I’ve been thinking about the things that people leave when they are gone. And not in the material sense. I mean, I’m leaving a large part of my life behind, sort of. It’s not really abandoning it, but moving on. And I’ve been thinking about my… legacy. What will I be remembered for? Because, after I’m gone, the memories others have of me will be all that are left, as far as things I leave behind.

Will I be meaningfully remembered? Will they be mostly good memories? Will I leave behind a positive legacy? And why does it matter? Why do I care about my legacy?

It seems today’s a day more for questions than for answers… But, in pursuing these questions, and what they really mean, we find answer to more than just these questions.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my theology teacher from my Junior year, Mr. Beyer. He has always been there when I needed help in this somewhat tumultuous journey through these last two years. And you’ve also taught me the importance of loneliness in our lives, because it breeds love, and a true understanding of it. I wouldn’t be here, were it not for your insights. Thank you, Mr. Beyer!



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