Big Announcement

So. I’ve been talking about this for a while, and it’s about time I finally mention it.

I’m talking about my college decision, of course. It’s been a hard one, too. But honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m so, so happy that I had so many wonderful offers, and got into some truly phenomenal schools. In total, I got into six universities, and didn’t get into another six. I was also wait-listed at one (but we don’t talk about that). In all honesty, I would not like to focus on the schools I didn’t get into. That’s not worth worrying about.

Here are the Schools I did get into (in order of acceptance):

Drake University (in Des Moines, Iowa),
Colorado State University (in Fort Collins, Colorado),
Regis University (in Denver, Colorado),
Seattle University (in Seattle, Washington),
Loyola University New Orleans (in New Orleans, Louisiana),
and Lawrence University (in Appleton, Wisconsin).

So, this decision has been stressful. And there’s been a lot to consider. Do I want to go out of state? Do I want to stay in state? What do financials look like? What is the school’s “vibe” like? What do I want to study/What can I study at each school? Will travel be an issue? What is the town the school is in like?

Seriously, I don’t know how I made a decision. But I have. But first, this:

I posted this two days ago on Facebook. It was funny.

It’s been a rough last couple of months, what with all of the college visits, talking to reps from several schools, and the chaos and struggle of not knowing where my life will be in the fall. But all of the uncertainty and doubt ends tonight. After a very long college decision process, I have finally reached an answer, and it looks like I’ll be attending in August. Thank you all for the support and prayers, and I’m looking forward to being on campus this fall!

So, yeah. People were mad, but I was laughing.

Anyway, my final decision has been to go to Regis University this year. I will hopefully be majoring in Music Education.

Yeah. So that’s a thing.

Today’s Daily Gratitude has been for everyone who’s supported me, and helped me figure this out. It’s been stressful. But now that’s over. And a new chapter of my life will be beginning shortly.

Thank you all so much.



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