Speeches, Music, Singing, Hi-jinks, and Ice Cream

So, today was the last day of three days of concerts for me. And while I am so incredibly relieves to have it all behind me (which includes singing in both the Select Choir and playing in the Advanced Jazz Ensemble  all three nights, and giving a speech the last two), I am really sad. I’m sad, because this is essentially my last true performance at my school. But I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better last performance.

I got home from all of this really soon, and my getting home late is also why I didn’t post last night.

But, anyways, this concert was os much fun. Essentially last night and tonight were the same concert (minus a joke I said to the audience yesterday, while some technical difficulties were being taken care of, right after my speech).

In all honesty, there’s so much craziness, with all of the crazy people back stage, that performing was just a blast.

And also, I found a black G-Shock watch in the Boys Dressing room after the show, and after everyone had left. If it was yours, please find me. I’ll be glad to give it back (although I might be a little sad parting ways with it). It needs its’ rightful owner.

Anyways, there was Ice Cream after the show, and that was so much fun.

In all honesty, today’s Daily Gratitude is for everyone who performed tonight, and yesterday night, and for everyone who came to see the shows, and for everyone who contributed to the building of the new building. It just… without all of you, none of this would be possible. I have finally discovered what it is that I want to do. And that is to teach music. I want to be a music teacher. And I’ve found that out because of all of you. Thank you.




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