Back For Class (again…)

Hey guys. So, today I came back to get ready again for classes. It was an interesting trip, that took about twice as long as it usually goes, mostly because of stops that needed to be made. It was fun though, at least I can say that. Actually, I couldn’t have asked for a more fun trip back! It’s interesting how that’s what I remember.

So, here’s these. I mostly care for these because of kick-butt bass solos. But they’re also awesome tracks in general. Here’s the first.

This track also has an awesome Sax section soli. And yes, we did watch this one in Jazz class, but of course it’s worth watching.

The next one is a song we’re learning, but not performing. Also, this version is something I found on my own.

So, there’s that.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the people online who taught me how to better play piano, which will definitely come in handy very soon.

Anyways, peace!…


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