So, today is Easter. To Christians, today is the day the Jesus rose from the dead, after having been Crucified three days later.

To everyone else that still celebrates it, it’s a day where children collect colorful eggs full of candy.

To some people, it’s a day to smoke large amounts of marijuana (I am not one of these people, although I am not really¬†against these people doing what they are doing).

And still to some people, today is Hitler’s birthday.

Why do these things matter? Well, Easter is important to Christians, because Jesus’ death and resurrection is the most important thing in the New Testament of the Christian bible, and today is the holiest day of the year for Christians.

Easter eggs are just fun, and I’m not arguing anything against that.

Here’s a story for the reason behind 4/20.

And Hitler had a day of birth, that happened to be a long time ago, on this date?

I honestly don’t understand the significance, even now, of the last two. But hey, they matter to some people. And honestly, if you’re Christian, it’s your job to love your neighbors, even if they do find importance in these last two dates of significance, even if you don’t.

I don’t. And I struggle with loving. But I try. And to try is better than to not. Maybe one day I’ll succeed.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my friends, who love me, and have found the strength to be more loving than I towards those that don’t necessarily understand it. It’s because of my friends that I want to grow in this love for others. Ugh, but, it’s still a struggle. But it’s a noble struggle, I intend to pursue for as long as I still have the strength to follow my own conscious will.



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