Everything (Sacrifices)

So, I’ve been doing a really bad job of keeping the Daily Jorge… well, Daily.

I’m sorry I missed yesterday. Seriously, I’m starting to hate my internet situation.

Oh, and I think I’ve about made a college decision, but there’s a handful of things I need to get clear before I can officially commit.

So, you know, life.

Also, I am happy. Really, really happy. And life isn’t ideal, but in reality, it’s never been, and it’s never going to be. And regardless of whether or not I’m doing well or not overall, the point is to be happy with life itself.

Yesterday I went to an Easter Vigil, put on by my school’s premier girl’s choir, the Cantabelles. Honestly, it was amazing. Seriously, I cried a few times. I find something inherently beautiful about the Passion story. And I think I needed it. More than anything, I needed it to clear my head, and give myself perspective. Everything else is insignificant in the long run, I’ve realized, so why not make the most of it?

Sacrifice is necessary. That’s why Jesus decided to March towards his death. He knew His death was necessary for the salvation of His people. And so He died for us. So if He is willing to die for us, I should not be afraid of the sacrifices necessary for myself and others. My sacrifices are nothing compared to His.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for all of those who have sacrificed so much for me. I hope to be like you, and be willing to sacrifice for those who matter so much to me. Thank you.



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