Card Games

So, I recently got sucked back into the dark hole that is Yu-Gi-Oh. Yeah, I know….I’m excited too!

Wow, I’m such a nerd. I just, I am partially sad and disappointed, but also somewhat very happy, like the child inside of me is squealing with joy over the fact that I have a deck again. It’s… ambivalent. Yeah, that’s the word.

Anyways, I just realized that my versions of all three Egyptian God cards (the only real remnants of my childhood deck) are not banned by tournament rules, so I can technically use them. Not to say I will, but I could.

Anyways, the whole college thing is still stressful, and another college was added to what was only a list of two. Now I have three excellent choices on the table, and frankly, I don’t know which to choose. Hopefully a meeting with my mentor Janet tomorrow will help clear some of this up.

Which is why Today’s Daily Gratitude is for her. Thank you, Janet, with helping with this whole, tumultuous process. And also Calculus. Because both Calculus, and applying for college, are very, very hard if you don’t have help. You’ve made this a lot easier!



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