Empty Friday?

Today. Today was… Today was interesting. I feel like today was just a giant day of feeling… empty. And empty is a word I hardly ever use to describe days.

But it was. Mostly because the entire day I was stressed over two things. The first is my college decision (but the fact that I get to make a decision is kind of awesome…). The second is the fact that I’ve wanted to talk to a friend all day, but out of… reasons… I don’t want to initiate the conversation. And it’s slowly killing me, but I really hope this person initiates the conversation, because, to be completely honest, I miss them.

(That is not a subliminal hint. Subliminal would at least try to be more subtle.)

I feel tired. But it’s at least the weekend, and I get to spend time at my parents’ house, which is always nice.

Honestly, Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my friend Grady who said Hi to me outside of school. She was at a stop light, driving, and I was walking, and she called my name loudly and we casually talked for a minute, or something. She offered me a ride (along with another friend, Dana, who was in the car with her). Just the fact that she said Hi to me at all makes me feel really happy. Like, I don’t know her all too well, but it was something that I definitely needed, to be noticed by someone I’m not often noticed by, and for her to be so nice to me… I felt appreciated. And lately, there hasn’t been a whole lot of that, to be completely honest. I haven’t really felt very appreciated. But that small gesture meant so much to me, I can’t even fully grasp it myself. So, thank you, Grady, for being a friend, and being so nice. 🙂




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