April Fools!

So, today is April Fools Day. Or, simply April Fools. It’s a fun day, full of pranking, and jokes, and stuff. I’m a fan of the day. But I feel like instead of just one day, there needs to be a month of pranks. I feel like that’d be fun. So I’m going to celebrate the entire month of April Fools.

Anyways, Google did something cool today. They made their Google Maps app (for iOS and Android devices) also part of a two-day April fools Pokemon game/scavenger hunt. Here’s a video, to help explain:

I’ve already found all 150. Try and beat me to finding the hidden “Mew.” That is, if it actually exists.

(Also, Google, I don’t care if the position is just an April Fools trick, please send me a business card that says “Pokemon Master” on it. That’d be great.)

My Daily Gratitude is then for Google, who made my phone (an Android) possible, and also giving me this sweet treat! Thanks!



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