Older Brothers

Older Brothers are the coolest. I’m also trying to discreetly type this while only about 3 feet away from my older brother. I haven’t seen him in maybe two weeks (he’s the only member of the family who was able to make it out to the play, back when I got to do my performance of it), but it always seems like way too long. I miss this guy, dearly.

And we always do brother things. Like discuss girls, and sports, and school, and music, and tech, and politics, and new things (like comparing my HTC One to his iPhone 5s). It’s just a lot of fun. We also both make very dark, morbid jokes, and probably call each other things we shouldn’t, but I feel like my brother was one of the first teacher I had in this world.

He taught me that life is not fair, but we should always try to be, and that love, as an emotion, sometimes fades, but the love that we show others, in actions, is never easily forgotten.

He always looked out for me. He was often there when it seemed like no one else was.

And he’s still here, even if we don’t talk nearly as much as we should. And I miss him, and love him, but I’m thankful for him.

Thank you, bro. You’re my Daily Gratitude.



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