New Stuff

Today I got a new phone. Seriously, this thing is cool.

So, I guess I can say which phone I got?

I got the HTC One (M7) from Verizon. And yeah, I know that the M8 is out, but besides simply being unable to actually afford it, I genuinely like the M7, possibly more? But that’s more of an aesthetic thing, anyway.

So, it’s awesome, but I’m also struggling downloading the apps from my old phone onto it. It’s just going to take time, more than anything.

But it’s still an awesome phone.

So, today’s daily gratitude is for Raymond, the Verizon sales associate who helped me pick this phone, set it up, and then transfer all of my music, contacts, and settings over from my old phone. And also for the Verizon tech support who helped me activate my phone with my old phone number. This is awesome, and I’m so happy. Thanks, to all of you. And also my Mom, who actually paid for the phone.

Let me know, also,  if you know any tips/tricks, or suggestions for this phone. Thank you so much!

Okay, peace!…


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