Important Realizations (Strange Mementos)

So, while talking to a friend I realized something important: I own a pair of compression pants, and I don’t know what to do with them.

Now, before you ask, I had to wear something really close to tights for the show, and so I bought myself a pair of compression pants. To compress what, I know not. Nonetheless, I still own them now, and I am ignorant to what purpose they serve now, besides  serving as mementos to that one time I wore tights for a play.

But sometimes what what things become, sometimes. They become mementos, objects locked with the memories made at special times (and sometimes, not so special times) in one’s life. So we hold them dear. And sometimes they are a pair of compression pants, and while they do hold memories, you still hold them with a sense of defeated embarrassment, and disturbed nostalgia. But also, you should probably wash them, you did wear them almost every day for like two weeks without washing them, so now is probably a good time. Yeah, you go do that…

Anyways, my daily gratitude is for Under Armour, for making pants that are black and skin tight, but also are not leggings or tights. Thank you!



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