The Spring Break(ing)

So, it’s Sunday night. And it’s been a week of me not blogging. And this last week has been a… struggle. To be completely honest, it’s been a struggle. It’s been one of the most emotionally/academically/physically gruesome weeks of my life. I actually had to take the day off on Thursday because of the negative side-effects of lack of sleep, coupled with a very heavy amount of stress and anxiety crippling my immune system. So, you’ll all (hopefully) be relieved to know that I’m officially on spring break! Yay, an entire week off!

Well, not really, but a boy can dream…

But, at least you’ll be happy to know that my break from the blog is over (for now), and I’ll be posting daily again!

Now, I just need to get through this break. I have to break the break. Wow, break-ception.

Anyways, I’m wearing a zip-up hoodie I haven’t really worn in like two years. Stuff changes, and quickly, but it’s always nice to know that there’s something to go back to.

Am I saying anything worthwhile anymore? Probably not.

So here’s a video I liked!

I think that’s it for tonight.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the Freshman whom I have gotten to know this year, and will definitely miss next year.



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