Things to Pass the Time

Today I had theatre rehearsal, but I wasn’t on stage. I was so tired, from  waking up early to purchase donuts, helping set up sound for a gym packed with 1400 people, presenting two hour long workshops on the topic of diversity and minorities (for my school’s Diversity Day), and then performing both a one act play, and a song with the Select Choir, both in from of the 1400 people.

Wow, today was busy. So, during rehearsal, I did my best to not fall asleep.

Anyways, check out this link for Zack Galifinakis interviewing president Obama. It’s amazing.

Oh, and also, if you’re into Pokemon as much as I am, but aso haven’t played X and Y yet, you’ll probably be really excited about this video.


Today’s Daily Gratitude is for all of the nerds who make my nerding out possible.



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