So the Mass of Ash Wednesday happened today. That was fun. I sang at that today. Yay for singing!

Oh, yeah, and the things with Journalism happened. And music. Links to come, if they happen to exist. Also, feel free to comment if you saw any of it live!

Um, theatre today was really long, and the only actual onstage time I spent today got me hurt (I got a scratch on my arm, but I am also the first to get to say that I got a battle scar from a show, AND a battle scar in the new building.)

Whatever though. THis is all weird. I’m so, so tired right now. I feel like some sort of mad genius typing on my computer as I am now. This is all the weirdest thing that can happen.

I feel so completely exhausted right now, that my brain might pop out of my skull at this very second.

But more than anything, I’m being melodramatic.

Okay, cool.

I should go to sleep, because I have to wake up early tomorrow anyways.

Here’s John Green:

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for red duct tape. It has been a trusty companion. Thank you.



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